Reviews reviews!

I normally don’t do reviews and that is not a plan here! But I really wanted to share with you those three products/services.

Scruff Muffin

Scruff Muffins provides products for dogs. I had an opportunity to try their collars and blankets for dogs. Amazing, that is my word to describe it. Apart from that, you can choose any style you want but also Scruff Muffin owner likes challenges and new ideas. Also to mention collars come in different sizes.

Laferra loves blankets so much that she brings them all to one place and makes her nest.



Our canicross, bikejor and scooter club. They provide training for you and your dog. I started attending to cani-fit class with Roger, as I enjoyed it a lot. Cani-fit showed me that this could be even more fun. They helped me to find the right harness for myself and Roger. They introduced us to different sports than just running too. Also they encouraged us to try but also to compete and race. If you ever wonder what is it like, go on the website and book yourself on a class. Cani-fit is for everyone.

Laferra’s training– how to introduce a new dog to the sport:

“My dog doesn’t canicross”… ” my dog doesn’t want to run in front”.. – I thought all that about Laferra… So I have decided to do proper training with her, and learn from the best canifit. So we did canihiking, where canifit leader talked and showed us how to do things. We had a lot homework to do… I was worried but every time Laferra just amazes me… When she turned 11 months we started going to canicross canifit class, it helped my dog to get some confidence to even lead a group at only 11 months. She started to be focused and enjoyed canicross even more.

Fitline Scotland

Fitline provides products which help me to achieve goals that I wasn’t able to do even I trained every day. I am very sceptic about supplements, so I have never really tried. It has been 3 weeks now that I take few products from Fitline and I can see how my body changes, recover and perform. I have tried: Activize Oxyplus, Restorante Citrus, Omega Q10, Proshape and Fitness drink. After chat with a friend this morning, I have realised how much it helped me and how much more energy I have now.

Busy weekend

Our best adventures are happening during the weekend as I have them off work. So last weekend we have joined our favourite Cani-fit on


On Saturday we have joined our favourite Cani-fit on cani-hiking (more here: ).

A fantastic route around Dalzell Estate & Baron’s Haugh on a very hot day. This estate has a fascinating history, which started in 843 and was owned by Dalzell family until 1647. It is recognised in Historic Scotland’s Inventory of Gardens and Designed Lanscapes in Scotland. It is located just off Manse Road, Motherwell ML1 2SD.

Then we were off for a walk around Perth as there were Scottish Open Volleyball Tournament. Dogs played around with the ball and we managed to fit in training to socialise Laferra with kids. This was a great opportunity as everyone wanted to say hi to us. She did amazing, but eventually, tiredness kicked it and she was just barking around, so I decided that is enough for my dogs. I try to squeeze dogs training every time I can, as every day is a lesson


Sunday we went to one of our favourite places Devilla Forest and went for a bike ride to the Peppermill Dam which was clean and dogs could have a deep into the water to cool them down. For a Sunday the car park was very busy, however, we didn’t manage to meet a lot of folks on trails, which was great. The forest has fantastic scents for dogs full of deer, red squirrels, foxes and rabbits. Roger usually gets obsessed with scent in this woods, so he never gets off lead (apart from the deep into water). Laferra found herself amusing with darting dragonflies which she was trying to catch around the Loch. Great 8km around with 30min swim in Peppermill Dam was a fantastic treat for everyone. Overall it was great 8km around with 30min swim in Peppermill Dam was a fantastic treat for everyone.

Devilla is on the A985 between Dunfermline and Kincardine, and is well signposted from the road. Use FK10 4AS which is the nearest postcode.

About the team

So this is the start of a new exciting chapter in my life. I am not really sure where to start but hey let’s start from the beginning. Meet the Team and their stories.


Staffie x border collie, 4 years old. Roger as a rescue can’t imagine his life without human-being. He doesn’t understand your personal space either and also he taught me that no matter what you should enjoy every minute of your life and be happy like he is every day from 5 am.

Our story is a bit of heartbreaking but in a good way. I moved to Edinburgh and as I missed my dog back at home I have signed on BorrowMyDoggy (, which has changed my life. Two years ago I met a Border Collie x Staffie called Roger and fell in love immediately – I still remember his face from the day we met. We all became friends, his owners included, and now we are like one big family! Not long afterwards, I met them all, the owners started having problems coping with him as he is so energetic and told me they were unable to keep him. I thought about how much I loved Roger and knew this was a sign, so I adopted him! What is more, his previous owners are now his borrowers and help me out with him when I need it. It has helped me find the perfect dog and the perfect borrowers and it has made my life very, very happy.


Pointer cross, 11 months old. Laferra is the biggest softie, gentle dog who thinks everyone will love her. Laferra is very opposite to Roger and she is in love with dogs. At the beginning, she didn’t like cuddles with humans but now she would demand cuddles from humans. At times she is being the biggest daftie, however, when out and about she is the easiest dog to maintain as she is super happy being off lead not interested in anything apart from birds and insects.

I always dreamed about the 2nd dog, in my head they could keep each other’s company. So after having Roger for 18months, I have decided it is time to add another dog. I have been looking for puppyish age dog that will be fast for canicross. I was very specific and fussy what my 2nd dog needs to look like and behave like.

Therefore, I couldn’t find that kind of dog in UK. Luckily I have found the most amazing Rebecca Michaelides who is based in Greece. Rebecca has a big heart for animals and rescues strays there. As I was curious what dogs she has for adoption, I have checked her website. I saw tiny 3months old pointer cross called Luna, who was found at the beach at only 1-month-old. I didn’t think twice and enquired about the adoption process. A month and a half later this beautiful dog arrived from Lesvos to Edinburgh. She is the best dog I could ever dream of for a 2nd dog. I have changed her name to Laferra as she is my Ferrari dog for canicross, so from La Ferrari (Italian) she is Laferra or short Lafie.

Agata (myself)

My story?! I have moved to Scotland years ago as I came here for University. I have decided to stay in Aberdeen and work rather than go back to Poland. A few years ago I have moved to Edinburgh just as I thought there are more opportunities with jobs here. It was the best move ever. I always played volleyball and couldn’t even think that one day I will stop. I did stop just because I wanted to spend more time with my dog.

Anyways Roger made me a runner or rather a kind of sprinter and made my dreams to become true (you can read more here:—a-remarkable-story-of-my-best-friend). Since April 2016, I am taking part in canicross races and exploring Scotland with my two mutts is the best thing.

I am involved in sled dog sports doing canicross and bikejor but also going on a lot of adventures with my dogs. Exploring Scotland with my two mutts is the best thing.

Also as a dog lover I have attended a lot of dog related courses: animal behaviour and welfare, dog behaviour and psychology, dog emotion and cognition, the passion of play and more. I am now officialy qualified in dog behaviour.