Be the master! Be awesome for your dog.

Today I would like to share with you my experience with everyday obedience training and how to create the bonding.


As you may know, I am qualified in dog behaviour, got years experience in working with different types of dogs. Every single dog was different. There are no two same dogs, same like people.It is important to understand your dog.

I think if you really want to have that something with your dog, you need to spend time with them. Make simple things just simple for them, as knowing Roger I know everything is complicated for him. Or maybe I should have said it was complicated for him. This post will give you an idea how I build an amazing strong bonding with my dogs, that helps me not only in daily routine but also we work stronger as a team in sled dog sports.

Roger and his bonding

Roger was easy to build strong bonding, as this wee chap just adores people when he gets to know them. However, he found everything overcomplicated and he struggled to control his emotions. I have decided to go to school Paw Skills Edinburgh. I wanted him to be exposed to an environment that he has never been too: indoor full of dogs. Not necessary the dogs that he knows or likes.

First couple sessions were tough for me too. I didn’t know how to make sure he is calm before entering the hall. We finally both learnt that the best way is to keep Roger’s focus on me all the time. Such as touch my hand, or make him sit. He started doing simple things and was distracted what was happening outside his tiny world.

We managed to change Roger’s world. We don’t go to school anymore, but we train simple things every day. For a change, he has his agility classes, where all that we learnt at school came handy. Roger loves to please you, but you need to be very patient with him. He overtries things. Every day a lesson, and he is the master of some simple tricks.

Roger started to control his emotions and when I want him to get calmer he totally focuses on me. The amazing thing for canicross races. I also feel that he is more focus during our daily routine when I expect him to come. I call him he comes straight away, when in past he would do his own things. I believe that I am his owner and he wants to listen me now.

Laferra and her bonding

Laferra was a very unusual example of puppy, who has been terrified of everything apart from dogs. She doesn’t understand words: aggressive or reactive, she will make every dog love her. I decided that what I have learnt with Roger, I will use with her. She became the most cuddly and most gentle dog in the world. Lafie is shy but at the same time very confident. I tried to make her independent from Roger and walked her alone (simple thing, but make a difference).

I took Laferra for a workshop with our favourite Paw Skills Edinburgh. The group was small: 8 dogs. I thought great just perfect for Laferra. Oh, I was surprised when I saw her not really knowing what is happening. She was way overwhelmed with everything.

The workshop was a bit inside and a bit outside, which is a great place full of distraction for Laferra. Even flies were distracting her. Eventually, she got the hint and totally focused on me. She was delighted with cuddles she got after every time she did it right (I think she prefers cuddles than treats). She still wanted to say hi to everyone (dogs and people).

A two hours workshop made her very tired pup, but I can see since then and it is only couple days, she looks to me even more. She waits for commands and just cuddles in when she can.

Signs of strong bond

  • Keeping tabs on your location when dog is off leash (Laferra will check on me every few sec, Roger not so much-so he doesnt get off lead much).
  • Checking in to see where you’re at frequently (they followe me everywhere in the house).
  • Performing obedience happily without hesitation (Both dogs love doing tricks).
  • Making a great effort to find you when you play hide-and-seek (tough one as they just follow me straight away).
  • The desire to be near you (they love to touch and cuddle with me all the time).
  • A high level of focus on you, evidenced by frequently looking at you (Laferra is 100% in this, Roger is learning and with the classes he is much better).
  • Strong ability to communicate needs, wants, and concerns (oh I defo know what and when they want!).
  • A willingness to protect or help you in a threatening situation
  • Some said cuddles? A love for physical interaction.
  • Always coming when called, even with distractions present (Lafie- 100%, Roger- depends on situation).

Keep building the bond

It builds mutually beneficial love, affection and reliance! The bond starts from the moment that dog came to your life. It can be done through simple things: a walk, a game or an obedience training.

Good luck.


Equipment that will make you a “Pro” Canicrosser or Bikejorer!

I have decided to write a post about equipment as there are a lot of posts on facebook where people are asking for what is the best!

I am not an expert but I have learnt a lot in last few months being involved in the sport. So here’s my experience and only my opinion (you don’t need to agree).


Let’s start with canicross. As of yourself, you will need something comfy for running:

It is an easy choice for people as there are a lot of different running companies that sell the right gear, but when it comes to dogs gear that’s another story. When I started my adventures with canicross, I couldn’t find much or I found information that now I know they were misleading. A lot of companies are trying to say their equipment is right for running with dogs, but I have learnt that a lot of them are purely business and money orientated and know nothing about canicross, and not talking here about faster pace sports like bikejor or scooter.

Dogs equipment

I struggled to understand and find something that will be good for Roger. He has an unusual shape. So I made him run in his walking harness (what a stupid idea that was, note on that my own gear wasn’t good either). I have decided to buy my first equipment back in Poland. DC Grizzly belt for myself, manmat bungee line and Roger had his walking harness. We were very slow but we enjoyed the runs (as per photo above).

Eventually, I have learnt that it is very important to have the right equipment:

  • A dog can get injured, if harness is incorrect for pulling.
  • Dogs should be able to use their shoulders without any restrictions.
  • The harness shouldn’t be too high on their throats.
  • Bungee line has a different length for different sports.

So my first equipment was a wrong choice. My belt hurt my lower back. Now I use this belt for hiking and it is just perfect. My bungee lead was too long (bikejor line) and it was harder to work together as a team. Also, Roger harness made restrictions on his running style and choked him.

Right choice

I still struggled to find the right equipment. I thought I went in the right directions and ordered a customised harness for Roger. Well, once again wrong decision. I was close to giving up when I decided to go and ask for recommendations from folks who do the sport for years. They know the sport and they know what is right for the sport and why.

My old equipment ended up in a bag. Roger got his brand new harness from Dragratten. How surprised I was on our next run, his pull was stronger. I noticed that more often when he saw his harness he got super excited. Note from me: his harness was tight, it wasn’t loose, it worked really well with his running style.

I have changed my belt for the lightweight and it was sitting on my hips too. Amazing, no more pain in my lower back. Bungee line was a bit shorter and the whole experience of canicross has changed. We started to progress with our times and I could see it helped as to become stronger.

My younger dog got her pro harness straight away. She will probably grow up from it soon, but it is defo worth the money as she learns in the right equipment from the start. She was 10 months when she got her first proper sled dog harness. 

Why use a collar?

I decided to keep Roger as he pulls a lot during a walk in a harness, but it is a different one than his running. Laferra walks on the collar, which helps before races that I can keep her on the collar when she is trying to be mental. Also during training, it is handy with her to have the collar to cool her down or walk her to start point. When I am nearly starting running I clip her on harness so she knows she needs to pull.

Bikejor and scooter equipment

Ok with caniross you can make mistakes and learn from it, but when it comes to faster speed sports you better with the right equipment. So what do you need here:

  • MTB bike or scooter.
  • Helmet and gloves.
  • Bikejor/Scooter bungee lead (longer than canicross).
  • Dog harness.
  • Arm antenna to keep the lead away from wheels.

People ask why do you have arm antenna on your bike. Ok on the photo above you can see lead is a bit slack as Roger slowed down due to big stones and hill. Arm kept the line away from wheels so I didn’t have an accident. I tried bikejor and scootering without the arm and instead of having fun I was thinking about line and brakes all the time.

Once again a lot of money if you think, but again it changed the way we train and how much we enjoy all this. I use same arm antenna for my scooter.

Equipment is very important

I have learnt: it is all worth the money! The dogs love it more and you can really push your team at training and races.

There are a lot of companies who say they are great for canicross, but think twice. In last couple months, I have managed to stay injury free and my dogs got excited when they see harnesses.

Think twice about your dog health! Use the right equipment, ask experienced folks for advises! It changed my experience and I hope you will find the right path to the right equipment yourself!

I am not an expert but been to may races in UK, I watched and observed, I have learnt out of my own mistakes!.Be happy, enjoy your running with furry friends.


Good shop with equipment:




Travelling and your training

You wonder how is it possible to train when you are away from home.

As you may know, I travel a lot for a business trip. It could be short one day trip but sometimes it could up to even 10 days trip. It doesn’t need to be the business trip, it could be a holiday.

It isn’t easy to be away. Everything changes your diet, climate, and routine. I  tried to stick to a routine but sometimes it isn’t possible. Let me tell you how I do with all this.

Business trip

I have an amazing job that allows me to travel a lot to different countries. This is great as I can see all the different places, but at the same time I am away from my dogs and my routine is ruined. However, this is what I always try to do!

  • Stick to my routine. Keep the times for going to bed, waking up.
  • Stick to the same amount of meals.
  • Don’t snack on things that you normally don’t eat.
  • Stay positive.
  • Enjoy surroundings.
  • Check what is nearby and what you can do from your training plan.
  • Try to stick to your training regime.
  • Best running training is to go explore the area.
  • Use hotel gym if needed.



It is very tempting to have something that you wouldn’t have at home. Tough life try to stick to similar diet.

  • Never be greedy and try something different or snack a lot, as you will regret it.
  • Don’t overdo with alcohol. It is ok to have some tho (come on you are away, so enjoy one or two beers).
  • Check sugar content if you can.
  • Be smart and plan ahead, as sometimes they just serve you full “glasses of sugar” in foods.
  • I try to skip breakfast in hotels, and just head to supermarkets and buy something that I would normally eat.
  • Of course I not always stick to my routine and I will have a cheeky cake there and there. Especially during my last trip in Austria (hot strudel is the best thing in the world).

What to pack

I always find space for my running gear:

  • couple tops.
  • shorts.
  • long socks.
  • the lightest shoes.

Away from home

Easy to say right. I always try to fit in a training that I would normally do at home. Of course, no dogs here so would need to be running or riding the bike on my own. Even tho the body is tired as of different diet and routine I never make excuses. Just keep going and do it. You will feel amazing afterwards and of course, you will see the benefit when you are back home.

If you know you are going out for dinner, do it in the morning. Wake up early and just go and do it. Seriously the morning run is amazing, and it does help me to prepare for a busy day working ahead.

At the same time when you away make sure you enjoy yourself as much as you can. It isn’t all about training or work! I found that most places where I do have city bike, that’s still an amazing way of doing training and it allows you to explore the city even more. Great and cheap way!


So happy travelling!


Sugar-free challenge

The challenge!

With help of my friend from Power Nutrition, I joined a sugar-free challenge. Monika was and is always supporting me with all my sporty life. She gives me advice on food and training. Best friend for sure, so I am always keen for her crazy ideas. 7 days sugar-free challenge was one of those crazy ideas.

However coming back to the Challenge: Sugar-free 7days.Everyone who knows me well knows how much I like my full-fat coke and a bit of chocolate.

So here is how it went:

First I needed to study what can be hidden sugar. All of below needed to be cut off:

  • raw sugar, cane sugar, fruit juice concentrate, white sugar, brown sugar, agave syrup, agave nectar, honey, raw honey, stevia, tapioca, Yacon syrup, monk fruit extract, xylitol, maltitol, sorbitol, fructose, glucose, erythritol, palm sugar, coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses, maple syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, brown rice syrup, invert sugar, sucrose, beet sugar, acesulfame K, aspartame, saccharin, date sugar, corn syrup, caramel, galactose, barley malt, maltodextrin, sorghum syrup and many more.

Day 1

I failed straight away, as totally forgot I have signed for the challenge and there was me chewing my toast with jam. **** I forgot. I spoke with Monika and she said ok no problem, one small mistake continue and make sure it won’t happen again. Uff I am still in. Being curious woman I have checked labels and wow bread has added sugar (actually a lot of it).

Due to a busy weekend, I didn’t have time to make my lunch for Monday, so it was time for shopping lunch. I have checked every single label of the food that I normally eat for my lunch from Lidl. Oh gosh, literally everything has added sugar. Eventually, I found out a broccoli tart and some “fake bread”. As a dessert, I had a box of strawberries.

I was so disappointed with my graze box too. Out of 4 snacks, only 1 was without sugar. I am not going to continue with it. I really thought it is a healthy option.

How happy I was when I discovered that my cottage cheese from Lidl doesn’t have added sugar. However there was still a problem of sugar in bread, so I started looking online for alternative choice and it seems I can forget about bread for a week as even wraps have added sugar.

Day 2

I have checked last night and everything in my household has a sugar. So time for some shopping. I went to Tesco this time. Yyy walking around and checking labels. I found nothing without sugar and then I walked into the gluten-free area. Wow, almost everything has no added sugar, even energy coconut ball doesn’t have a sugar. Amazing! A gluten-free week sounds much better than a sugar-free week.

Lunch was easier this time, I had soup from Tesco and bag of veg crisps which was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten. Not a big fan of very salty things.

Feeling like I am starving all the time, but this is probably lack of sugar. I have managed to drink a lot of water and try not to think that I can not eat anything. On the other hand, the plus is I am 1kg down on my scale! Not that I wanted but with all the traveling recently I feel 2kg down would be better.I also already feel less bloated and light, but also very grumpy.

I found a ready-make pizza for dinner and there is no sugar. I feel it is defo easier to fail this challenge than I actually thought. Bring on day 3.

Day 3

I am actually dying for something sweet and the world doesn’t help me either. I discovered another awful thing: puffed wheat, which I thought would be amazing as breakfast with milk. Just couldn’t go through the first bite.

The good side is that I had an amazing night sleep and still feel light in my stomach. The bad side is that I am even more hungry than yesterday. I stick to my 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and also 2 snacks time which usually is coke and some graze snack, but now it is only a fruit. Starving is the motto of my day. I also feel a bit grumpy and more frustrated with small things.

Today is even harder as someone has birthday cake at work, so me listing my hungry stomach is a big challenge. Literally, I can’t focus on things and feeling very frustrating.

Day 4

Day 4 was easier than I thought. Actually, I didn’t miss anymore my silly sugary things. But the reason is I was super busy with work travelling to Belgium all day. I wonder what and how I will manage away from home.

How surprised I was! Firstly chef in the lounge made me porridge as I said I can’t have sugar. There was no problem for them at all. Amazing! As I really thought it will be difficult. Maybe Jolly of having a pass to lounges… During day I wasn’t even thinking of snacking, as I was at the meeting all day.

Lunch time?! Easy soup and I asked if it was made with sugar, a chef once again promised no sugar and I had some fruits. Winner.

Back to the airport and another lounge. So this time I have recieved freshly made fruit juice. I discovered that “cheese biscuits” have no sugar at all. SO a winner to have a bit of snack.

Day 5

I knew it will be just easier and easier, however, I was going back to my homeland, where I normally eat everything not thinking about consequences. This time even harder as it was my parents anniversary so we were having amazing dinner.

On my 5th day, it was easy to say no to tempting things. Everyone was saying you can try this and this, but I kept strong! I have managed even without cake! Amazing. I can do this.

Day 6

I struggled on Wednesday a lot and that feeling never came back again. Maybe it was easier than I was away? I don’t know, but on my 6th day I started thinking how amazing I feel with no bloated belly and my humour is constant happy (no moody jumps). I have decided that I will try to eat less and less of sugar on a daily basis when the challenge will finish. I wanted to continue with this.

Day 7

Still back at my parents and I still find it easy to say no to sugary things, although grandma didn’t take it well that I said I don’t want her cake! Oh well. I have managed and I feel amazing.


It was tough to start! But then I felt amazing, my body felt amazing. No problem with feeling sick (as I do often) or heavy. I felt constantly happy and I will continue for sure. I also discovered that after 3 day I started to sleep very deep and well. In the morning I felt properly rested and I didn’t remember my dreams. Nothing was able to wake me up. I also had less sweating running training. Just amazing! Defo no need for all that sugar in my life. I will keep up, however, will bring few things back like bread and cheese!

I am still in shock how much sugar there is everywhere in every single food I was consuming!

Wanna a challenge yourself and see how much truth it is? Do it. It is just 7 days! everyone wants to be happy, right? Good luck and let me know your results.

Reviews time


Firstly I would like to thank Merrell UK for providing me amazing two pairs of shoes: for trail running and hiking with the dogs. Massive thank you to Simon and his team for quickly sorting out this. Apart from lovely colours, I will tell you more.

Two boxes of shoes arrived in good size box and safely packed. I was very surprised when I took trails shoes out of the box as they already felt very light.




  • Nice colours at first glance.
  • Well made at first glance (it looks solid).
  • Super light.
  • Didin’t feel them on my feet.
  • Very grippy on mud.
  • I felt they are working well with my feet.
  • Downhill pass too (important during canicross- feet didn’t move much).
  • Good for different terrain: mud, slippy grass, woods trails or trails with a few stones.
  • Ran through a deep mud during a dry day and didn’t feel my feet getting wet.
  • As I ran only short distance max 7km, they really suit me.
  • Inside there is nice soft foam which straight away felt nice.
  • Straight away- merrell feels super comfy shoe.
  • I am usually 6.5 or 7, however, probably size 6 here would fit me even better than 6.5.
  • As they feel really light, I felt I could move my feet faster than usually.
  • Wow! This shoe is vegan meaning that it contains no animal products or by products.
  • After first few runs, I usually get blisters with new shoes. No signs of blisters here.
  • My first race in them and totally didn’t feel them (I do think about my feet very often do).



  • Very long shoe laces which really annoyed me during the run (note got this sorted now with Greeper Laces – read my review below).

You can buy them here:

Greeper Laces



As a canicrossers sometimes long laces are a bit annoying or how many times I had a problem with unlaces. As it is a short running distance so you don’t want to stop and lace up again.

So I put those laces into my sports shoes and went out on trails. This is what I think about it.


  • Super fast delivery.
  • Instructions included.
  • As per website a lot of different colours.
  • Feel strong.
  • Looks smart for sports laces.
  • Not only for sport but also for other activities such a commuting to work. All styles colours you can only imagine.
  • Easy to fasten, a bit more tricky to loosen (much better after few tries).
  • In winter I bet they will save my hands to be exposed to cold for a long time (always struggle to arthritis to fasten quickly).
  • You decided when fitting them in how long will be enough length to fit your feet in.
  • No more tripping over long laces.
  • No more long laces at all. (note: often on my MTB bike my laces interfere with my pedals too).
  • Instructions in different languages.


  • Read the instruction carefully from start to end first. I usually skip it, but you could end up doing them incorrectly. Easier options: I found a youtube video on how to do it too.

You can buy them here:





Canine Influenza

It is that time of the year that canine flu is spreading fast. I thought it is worth writing a wee post reminding everyone the symptoms and how to deal with a kennel cough (dog flu). Even if your dog was vaccinated against Kennel Cough it doesn’t really protect them from it. Any dog can get it as it spreads super fast. Roger had it once and it was awful 4 weeks.

Canine Influenza

Canine influenza is really a dog flu. It is caused by varieties of influenzavirus A, such as equine influenza virus H3N8. Because of the lack of previous exposure to this virus, dogs have no natural immunity to it. It is a disease which a high incidence of symptoms but a low incidence of death.


  1. Mild:
  • cough which is moist
  • discharge from nose
  • will last 10-30 days

2. Severe:

  • high fever
  • develop signs very quickly
  • the virus affects capillaries in the lungs
  • dog may cough blood
  • trouble breathing

According to my vet general symptoms are:

  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • anorexia
  • fever
  • malaise
  • red and runny eyes
  • runny nose

Exposed to Kennel Cough

If your dog was exposed to Kennel Cough, you should try to keep your dog away for at least 10-14 days away from others as the incubation period, if your dog doesn’t show any symptoms.

If your dog has symptoms you need to keep the walks short, let your dog rest and keep it away from other dogs during its illness and then 2 weeks from the last symptom.

In case if you are racing or showing your dogs if your dog doesn’t have symptoms you need to keep your dog away for at least 21 days.

It’s possible for people to give their dogs the virus, too. If an infected dog coughs or sneezes on you, the virus can survive on your skin for 2 minutes and for a day or longer on your clothes and then it could be passed on to another dog.

My dog has a kennel cough

So your dog got kennel cough symptoms, so what now? You can kick it naturally.

  • give your dog a quiet and comfortable place to rest
  • let your dog has a lot of fluids
  • short walks
  • honey is a good remedy (just one spoon 3 times a day)
  • very often the vet prescribe antibiotics


Highland Fling Canicross Race

I don’t really know where to start with this post. Probably because my head is still buzzing after the weekend and I am still shattered.


I always thought that Aviemore is further than it actually is. I have packed the car in the morning and then we went away. If you don’t know what to pack remember to read my post: Camping with dogs.

Anyways traveling up there was amazing. All those views with purple everywhere. I think it is the best time of the year to go up North. Sooo pretty. I was driving so I haven’t taken any photos. But thanks to my friend Catherine there is one photo how pretty it was. I love Scotland and hopefully one day I can live up north.

Image may contain: mountain, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

The road up to Aviemore is nice even tho one line most of the time. I felt the traffic was busy, but it didn’t make me tired. We arrived at the Dalraddy Holiday Park after 2.5h driving. Dogs were way fast asleep. Women at the reception were very welcomed and gave us a map how to get to our pitch. Unfortunately, there were no more strawberries left, but they told me there will be more tomorrow (those strawberries are just the best).


A lovely park set in 97 acres of mixed native pine & birch woodland with spectacular views of the Cairngorm Mountains range, which now forms part of the Cairngorm National Park. It is only 3 miles south of Aviemore, close to Loch Insh for a superb variety of all water sports activities. An excellent location for walking along the Badenoch Way, taking in the breathtaking scenery starting from holiday park, with some stunning sights along the 16km walk following a path through the lovely village of Kincraig, leading you to Ruthven Barracks in Kingussie.

So there we are driving to search for our pitch. We found out that it was between start and finish line so actually perfect spot. We have arrived and noticed our canicross friends around on other pitches, which was awesome. Dalraddy campsite is dog friendly (only 2 dogs allowed), but you need to keep your dog under control and on lead all the time. The pitches are separated by trees from each other, so my dogs couldn’t really see other dogs. Roger and Laferra really chilled and played tug game at our pitch, not bother with what’s happening around.

It was nice and sunny, so we managed to set up our camp very fast. The pop-up tent is amazing, a few minutes later that’s tent up. A wee walks around to say hi to everyone and few fixes to the bike. All sorted couple minutes later. Great to see everyone again after summer break.

Pre-race night sleep

I was worried that Laferra won’t settle in as this was her first time in a tent, although she camped before with Roger and me in a car. How surprised I was when I zipped tent and took their collars off to see them getting comfy in their bed. Not moving or barking during the night. A very warm and good night sleep for us.








Race day- morning

I felt a bit nervous even tho I did this racing thing for a year now. It was new to me to do two dogs and there wasn’t much time between classes. Dogs walked and hydrated back in the crate and there was me putting and planning ahead my comfy outfits for running and bikejoring. I did help at the registration and then off to prepare dogs for the race. Here is our schedule for preparation (always same routine):

7:30 am Last wee hydration for dog

7:40 am Clothes on, Greeprs fasten

7:50 am Quick walk for pees and poops

8 am Wee energy snack for race

8:05 am Quick run for me including toilet (stress pee) 🙂

8:15 am Another quick walk for dog

8:25 am Harness on

8:26 am Fitline drink for me

8:27 am Laferra’s warm-up

8:30 am Long course starting

8:35 am Standing near start line in a queue

8:46 am Off we go

During race

I think I was more stressed than Laferra as it was her first race. All the time that she was with me since a puppy around races probably helped her to get the right attitude and knowing what will happen. First “haw” and first “gee”: she is amazing on first two corners, which is unusual as she is a wee bugger when it comes to directions. First straight, car passing behind the fence and she doesn’t bother with it. Laferra keeps doing what she supposed to. Approaching the first marshal and I can see it is James, the person she likes a lot. I am calm and shouting: “on by” and she pass without even looking at James. He cheered us too, but she was just keen to continue the run.

Image may contain: 1 person, dog and outdoor

Half way through

I feel so good with her and keep encouraging her. She was fantastic until after single track around 3km, she was a bit confused with tarmac, but she found a nice soft path to run on. Next turn and she is back again on a single track: so focused, but she is terrified of a tape. I reassured her that we just need to pass it and let her go back to front, she is back on track. I didn’t need to encourage her to pull, she was on a mission. We have passed another marshal and once again she didn’t even look. Approaching chalets, difficult crossing, and a marshal, I shout “haw” and there is my girl keen to say hi to marshal (as she does all the time). Somehow we have managed to continue. Around 4.2km I needed to remind her to “get on” with it and start pulling again. Almost at the finish on a nice single track again she picks up the pace. Amazing finish for my girl although she was a bit confused with people standing before the finish line!

She knocked out 1.5min off the time I had last year with Roger. I am super proud and there is a lot of space for improvement. Quick back to the car, water out with some sardine’s oil in, harness off and a lot of praise. Time to get ready for Bikejor.

Race number 2

Same schedule as before. I always have the same routine so my body and my dogs know what we are doing. In the meantime, 20 minutes after canicross I gave Laferra Fastdog- recovery biscuit. 10 am approaching so time for another race.

Start line and as always Roger is super calm. Sniffing around and saying hi to marshals. Oh, I love this boy such a change from last year. The new bike was amazing, it felt so easy to pedal for this wee boy. So much fun riding and shouting in the woods with my favorite. He was as always running his socks off.

Oh how much I love him. We have managed to do our target time, so I am very pleased with him. Back to finish line and he is one happy dog. Got his sardines and water. Harness off and back to the crate. 20 minutes after the run he gets his recover biscuits while I walk Laferra.

Human recovery

Oh, I can feel having two dogs will be hard work, but at the same time, it will be so much fun this season. Right, so I needed to recover fast for my evening races. I felt tired actually very tired, after not doing much in last few weeks due to my business trips.

I have decided to check if the best strawberries are still in a wee shop at the campsite. How chuffed I was when I saw still few boxes left. Quickly ate one box (fine gave 4 to the dogs). I also had some soup and decided to have a nap in a tent. So put the dogs on leads and snooze a bit while they could have fun outside.

Dogs recovered super fast

How surprised I was when I saw them back full beans again just 2 hours after the races. It must have been the biscuits. I was hoping I have something like this for myself. Drunk a bit of my Fitline drink and went to snooze.

Around 4 pm I had a chicken pasta which really filled me and I was ready to go again (well that what I thought).

Evening race time- bikejor

Here we go again. Even tho I thought I feel fine, I felt tired but didn’t want disappoint my dogs, so I kept thinking I can do it. Roger was so excited to be first out in the evening. There we go again. As Rogerowski is cross Staffie and Border collie, he is a good thinker. Sometimes I wish he isn’t that smart. 2nd run: he is doing fine and I feel pain and heavy muscles. He pulls and keeps going, smart boy slowing down at bits with sharp bigger stones, but I am totally fine with it (we are here to have fun). Passing the marshal and stones and he is back pullying like a train. I am super proud and putting as much as I can on the bike. Last single track and he still pulls. There we are at the finish line and Roger is one happy pup rolling all over the grass. Quick hydration and change of clothes. Time for last race of the day.

Canicross in the evening

Last race, I feel really tired. I am hoping for nice and easy run as Laferra never canicross for that long. She does long distance off the lead with me on a bike (MTB), but never canicross.

Start line and there she is, again keen to go and can’t wait for her turn. First “haw” and I am thinking: oh gosh she is great again! First “gee”, I am thinking I am not going to skip training ever again, no excuses. Half way through I hear the noise and thinking: oh no train. Once again she didn’t bother with noise and continue her running. My girl did well. Two races in one day is a lot for such a young dog without experience, but she did it without looking that she struggled.

Wearing Merrells helped my legs for sure. Super light, super comfy was definitely what I needed for my tired feet.

The last corner to run to the single track through the trees, I feel my legs are saying no and I feel awful cramps. I think: Laferra must feel same! I can do it. She sees trees and picks up a strong pull. I cheer her as I really need her help. We did it. We did it again and I have an amazing dog.

From rescues to best pets

Lafie and Rogerowski had a tough start of their lives, they have ended up with me. Every day I am thankful how lucky I am to be able to rescue both. Such a different dogs, but both amazing. Roger is natural at canicross and bikejor. Laferra started from basic, but she has potential with all the hard work we put in she is amazing already. From being homeless and hopeless they become my pets and my life the best. They do everything you ask them for. They are Champions to me no matter what!


This weekend was great, so much fun with dogs and friends. Time to rest before more hard training. Couple days off for the dogs, but not for me. Yin Yoga on Mondays is spot on for all those stiff muscles and today I am ready to go again. I will make sure next time I can do as much as those two without a pain in my legs. I am so ready for it. Let’s the fun begins.

I hope you had a great weekend too.

If you have any questions or comments messaged me.