Never give up, never give in, and when the upper hand is ours, may we have the ability to handle the win with the dignity that we absorbed the loss.

It is time

It has been a stressful week, preparing to make sure I thought about everything for the dogs and myself. I have been traveling a lot abroad but never with a dog. Just stressing about everything. I will definitely share my traveling experience with you when we are back.

I wish Roger could go with us, I feel anxious leaving him behind, so he defo comes for adventure with us next year.


He deserved a short holiday off from training as he worked really hard last 18 months.

Pack the bags

Oh! I hate packing, this is stressing me a lot. I have new jackets for Laferra, her favourite food. Time to pack her bag and my bag too. A list is long but I really don’t want to take too much.

Lucky me my parents are coming so they will bring me some additional stuff if needed.


We are leaving tomorrow, long drive before we meet with BSSF for some last briefing chat for Team Leader role and reaching to a friend. On Monday we will be on the way to Eurotunnel and Polska. 1923km from home to the race HQ. Hoping to arrive on Tuesday if Kim and I will drive well. I can’t believe my parents did this route twice by a car.


Today was our last Parkrun run and training for Poland. Princess will rest and get full energy for the races on Saturday and Sunday. I will probably do some wee jaunts around to make my legs going.

Keep an eye on our FB page for some updates how are we doing and how our adventure looks like. Full update when we are back.


History to be made

Here are some photos from the past and how we all started this crazy sport.

This was our first time ever…


Happy Saturday.

If this is something you wanna do, and if this is something you gotta do, then you do it. Fighters fight.

What an amazing weekend.

After some encouragement from a friend, I have decided to have last race environment training with Laferra. We have entered SDAS races in Kershope Forest.

SDAS race- Day 1

I knew the area as I come here for mountain biking rides, so I have no idea how I forgot it is hilly place. We have arrived early morning Saturday due to that I didn’t want to camp for 2 nights due to low temps. No need for flu just before Poland. I also decided to focus on Laferra so only wanted to do recreational run with Roger on Saturday.

First-day race, an hour preparation. I wanted to make sure this time princess had a

proper walk with full toilet rather than having a stop halfway through. Nothing! I was panicking on the way to the start line. 10 minutes prior our start we are nearby. Probably a bit too late to make her really buzzing but I thought it will be enough (on 10 canicrossers in total). We just want a clear run with my girl. Not asking for more. She is buzzing. Oh wow what a killer hill to start, but she pulls like a train. Turn left and a bit downhill… She pulls… Turn right, she looks at me, I ignore her and dig every step, she is back to being focused and continue to pull. Amazing. Loved every single hill and downhill. Laferra is very focused, ignoring marshalls and only says a bit hi to team who overtakes us (my fault, didnt manage to give her command: “on-by”). She pulls like a train to the finish.

We finished 2.65miles in 17:22. A very strong run to the finish line too. I was super proud of my girl and decided to drop out from a run with Roger, as I knew I need to do better tomorrow myself ( I will run him a lot when back from Poland 🙂 ).

SDAS race- day 2

I was buzzing after yesterday run. Laferra was so chuffed with herself. I could see her being super happy. Day 2 brought a bit of pressure in as we were in a chance for a podium. I walked her a bit longer before and she did her toilet and make her warm up for it. We went to start line a bit earlier than yesterday. She was buzzing, I could barely hold her (no idea where that spirit came from). And we are off. Every small step counted, I tried to push it mentally. It was tougher than yesterday due to change in weather condition to very crispy weather. I felt like it was deeper in a grass! Hah Laferra was focused from the start to finish, such a clear run.I finished in tears. Few weeks I was so frustrated, but never gave up on her. With help from friends and our dedication to training, we did it. I can say we are ready for Poland. She was super chuffed with herself again. I could see she knows she did amazing. We finished in 17:23 even tho I thought we ran much faster than that.

Special thank you to Gilli McLeod for the photos.

Kershope Forest

An absolutely stunning place with amazing trails for MTB or training with dogs. Loved every single moment. It is part of the largest forest in England and one of the largest man-made forests in Europe. It covers around 60,000 hectares and combines few different forests together. Not long drive from Edinburgh (1.5hours). So worth it.

Last week

So in 5 days we are leaving for Poland. I have 4 trainings to do, Laferra only 2. I am excited but also a bit nervous. Probably it is time to start packing?!

Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up


Someone shared with me an interesting link recently. Its quote from “Rocky” is just spot on.

“it aint about how hard you are hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward…”

I always dream and always make sure I put 100% to make my dreams become true. <3


Counting has begun. On the 19th of November, we will be on the way after dropping Roger for his holidays. I am nervous and super excited. This is all happening! I think I still can’t believe that I am going to the World Championship. My dream trip. I will finally meet my canicross friends from around the world.

Princess Laferra will make new dogs friends too. Together we will promote rescue dogs too.

Last few trainings

We have been working really hard in last few weeks that looking at my times and paces I am buzzing even more. Such a progress from both of us.

Our most favorite location for training is the Abercon which has nice soft trails with uphill and downhills and even open field. Love it there. A lot of water stops for the dogs.

9 days to go which means we have maybe 5 more trainings. We both had long journey in last 3 months. Time to start thinking about the packing for real now! I have not started yet.

I am buzzing and no one will take that away from me. My dream, my life! I will keep you posted how we are getting on our adventure. Watch this space.


The World Championship preparation

We have now less than couple weeks left and leaving for probably the biggest trip of my life. We are going to the World Championship in Poland.

Firstly I would like to thank you to those who donate to my crowdfunding, we are way over the target. Really appreciate that.

Secondly here’s to the post that will be full of panic and excitement ( I would advise closing the tab if you aren’t interested :D).

Pre-race preparation

Last 2 weeks is really all about pre-race preparation. We have a couple more “race environment” runs for Laferra to grow into even more confidence. She is coming along so well. I am super proud of her. At training, she can fluff around, but at the race, she really surprised me. She is keen to go, stay focused, overtake and continue with the run. She does exactly what we have been training last few weeks. I am very happy that she made training hard so hopefully, we won’t many mistakes at the actual races.

Pre-race packing

I have been panicking and thinking about this for weeks. What do I really need? I have never been abroad with my dog. I know funny right, as I was always planning to take Roger, but didn’t really manage.

So what do I need?

Of course my running gear and Laferra’s running gear. I am sure we need more than just that?! Hope we will cope with weather in Poland. At the end of November, it will be cold there. Ohh gosh so glad we have nice warm accommodation booked. Still panic is there.

We are going to a different country, different climate and totally the place I know well, or that what I thought. Yes, Poland is my country but I panic. I have managed to put this list together (please let me know if I missed something):

  • running gear: Lafie’s harness, my belt and bungee lead
  • spare my belt and bungee lead
  • my running gear: shoes, long socks, shorts and vests
  • water for Laferra (how much water do I really take for her for 10days?!)
  • food for Laferra
  • sardines for Laferra (hydration)
  • tapeworms tablets for coming back
  • Blanket for Lafie
  • Jackets for Laferra
  • Waterproof day to day shoes
  • Hoodies
  • Winter Jacket
  • Casual clothes
  • passports
  • insurance documents
  • first aid kit for dogs (thanks for reminding me about this)

Here my list finished. I have no clue. I think I will start packing a week earlier, so I am totally sure I have everything. I am glad my parents are coming to the event, so they can always pick up something for me if I totally forget about it.

Pre-trip checks

Although I am taking Laferra, I can’t forget that I am leaving Roger on his wee holidays here in Scotland. Need to make sure everything is arranged for him: dog walker, pick up at the weekend for the away weekend. Leave his food and toys, oh favorite blanket.

As I am driving first part of the trip myself, I need to make sure my car is checked: oil, bulbs, and tyres are pumped. Windscreen liquid filled. Yeah I know I am doing better here right?

Also enough money to pay for tolls on the way to Poland and back.

Pre-race training

Another weekend, training and learning. Spot on! Up and down and I am defo buzzing for Poland. It is all about the clear run with my wee girl! She is doing soooo well! Different runs, different locations. Few mistakes but we learned the lesson! Last 2 weeks before us heading.


It isn’t just all about training. We had an amazing fun at the beach with our pals too!

Happy Monday.

My superheros and weekends away

Such a busy time that I didn’t have time to write any posts recently.

Weekend away

We were away last weekend to Jedburgh for Cani-sports Scotland races. Just before last few weeks pre-race preparation, I have decided to go away for the weekend with West Lothian Canicross club and race in the unusual 7.66kkm course.

Right, let’s start from the beginning. Jedburgh is a town in the Scottish Border (yes I love Scottish Borders). It is 10miles from the borders with England, and around an hour drive from Edinburgh, or if you drive like me it could be 2.5 hours as I did a wee detour by mistake (I was dreaming about MTB hah).

A beautiful small town with a lot of nice historic buildings around. I have noticed one thing in there: rugby is a sport of choice as it has one of the most famous and oldest rugby clubs.

Lilliardsedge Holiday Park was the choice for camping. Unfortunately, you can only book 2 dogs with one booking. However, the location is just 5 min drive from Jedburgh and facilities are amazing. There were even baths. Perfect for an ice bath after hard running.


Our race was starting at the rugby club. Wow, what a course that was. 7.66km… tough over 2.5miles uphills. Never thought I will say that but I loved it, I loved every single hill and took it one by one, I haven’t think what’s in front of me, just simply focus on one hill at a time.

We have managed to fly it somehow with Roger in 37minutes and got the 4th position within my category. Absolutely loved every single hill and took it one by one. Super chuffed.One happy dog afterward.

Princess Laferra, on the other hand, took her run on a short course, and wow. Even that there was only one person in front of us and soon we overtook her, Lafie was flying. Super focused pup which was what we needed. Time to build longer distances now as we are leaving for Poland in 16days.

Another weekend away

The dogs had a blast at the weekend, and they spend all day Monday just snoozing and catching up on the sleep. It looked like we all had a great weekend. Now time to focus on hard training and get prepared for Poland, although we have few more “race prep” that we attend. Tentsmuir- time trial and away to SDAS weekend race in Kershope Forest. 16 days until we are leaving for Poland.

Happy Thursday Folks.