On the way to Poland

All the way from Greece- princess Laferra- the dog who changed my life even more than Roger. She became best friend with Roger from day 1 and eventually she opened her heart to me too. Last season was amazing, we both learnt a lot! Once again thanks Colin Reid and Louise Mitchell for helping, supporting and training with us at the time that I lost my believes. Since then Laferra grew up so much in confidence and now she just loves harness work. She met so many new dogs friends around the world. We have been training and having fun all the time. She is my amazing angel to keep me going and dreaming. I knew I need to step up and do more for her. Thanks Ben Robinson (Robinson Canicross) for last few months of sweat, tears, swear words and hard work, for showing me a level up canicross and for making me do the training, that I have never even think of! We put a lot of work into everything and I know we will have a lot of fun, because that what all matters?! I can’t wait to see my family, friends and meet new friends (Team 🇵🇱 ️be prepared for us)! Today we are leaving to compete at the ICF World Championship in Canicross, Bikejor and Dog Scooter in Lubieszów Poland🇵🇱️ (2nd international event that we will compete at). First a bit of relax at my hometown and introduce my Two crazy mutts to my family (Roger is going with us, his first time abroad!)! Thank you to Westport Vets – South Queensferry and Lisa Cleeton,Veterinary Physiotherapy, Spinal Manipulation & Shiatsu for looking after Laferra. She is ready, I am ready. 💪🇵🇱

Travelling with dogs (long journey)

As you know we are heading for long road trip with dogs for the ICF World Championship in Lubieszów/Bierawa, Poland. I thought this is great opportunity to write a quick post about travelling with your pets.

Plan the journey

We have a long over 1200 miles to go. I know my dogs can travel long with few stops, as we do that a lot for our races. However make sure your dogs are ok to travel that far.

I always plan my trip ahead and check dog-friendly service stations, where I can walk dogs properly on grass area not just in the corner under one tree. They are the most important for me, so they are relax and happy. I usually like to stop every 2-3 hours too, which really is good for me as a driver too (stretching legs everyone).

Also both dogs have collars with tags on during whole journey. Their place is full of blankets and bedding. I also leave them non-spill bowl with fresh water. This time we will also have a journey with ferry (only 2 hours from Dover to Dunkirk). DFDS already sent me an email remaining me what I need to have with me for travelling with pets, which is really great from them.

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I am lucky as we are going first for Canicross Midlands races, which means both dogs will be tired and well exercised. Here are few tips what to do and dont:

  • exercise your dogs prior.
  • avoid feeding or just spread over few meals.
  • make sure you have spare leads and collars.
  • fresh water for dogs.
  • non-spill bowl.
  • pack toys and treats.
  • going abroad have passport and de-worming tablets for coming back to the UK.
  • dont leave dogs in car on a hot days.
  • reward your dogs for good behaviours.












Paws by the Prom at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

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On Sunday the 2nd September Roger, Laferra and I attended the Paws by the Prom held at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. This is the place that Roger was waiting for his forever home for sometime. It looked like a lovely day so I knew it will be fun. The aim of this event was for EDCH to have Open Day to promote their pets for re-homing but also bring dog lovers together. There were different zones: rehoming, learning, fun, shopping, refuelling and kennels tours.

So the stalls were all so interested and there were so many:

Agria Pet Insurance
Dog Furiendly
Three Sisters
The Dog Edit
Miss D’s Cakes
Dog Play Centre
Auld Connection
Truly treasured originals
Bonnie Burrito’s Hot Sauce
Bug Bakes
Nic Gannucci
Bark and Hare
K9 Clean Coats
Face Painting
Crafty Kit Company
St Luca
Fife Beachcombers
Mr Donut Man
The Caravan of Courage
Prague Shack
Bonnie Burrito
Sly Fox Foods

Roger at EDCH

I was a bit anxious about us attending this event as the EDCH was Roger’s home before when someone didnt want him or I should say he was waiting for his forever home. I was worried that he will be worried that he will be left again. What a surprise that boy was.

We passed reception and Roger couldn’t stop wagging his tail, I was like: oh wow he is excited. Then I knew he recognised one of the girls who looked after him. One happy boy jumping around and smiling.

He knew where to go and was pullying us inside, sniffing everything around and being excited. Oh, another person who he recognised. Overall one happy dog, wagging tails around and looking into my eyes. Like he wanted to say mum this is fun or maybe just I love you mum.

Open day

So we went directly to the field, where everything was happening. There were a lot of stalls and things for everyone. I have decided to sign those two for “handsome boy” and “prettiest girl” competitions. I thought Roger might rock this one as a former EDCH resident (oops I was wrong!). Yes, Laferra won 3rd place for “prettiest girl” and as always she stole the glory.

Since we were planning to attend there and our first canicross club asked me to help them with canicross demo, I thought this will be brilliant: ex-resident Roger promoting what we both love a lot. I thought we did well but watching the video back, I think we were a bit like a clowns! Here you can watch it and judge yourself:

So Roger was a bit of superstar today too🙊🤔😂Roger was actually a muppet during presentation and I kind of talked nonsense (it was stressful) 😂😂But great day promoting the sport for rescues at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Paws by the Prom (Open Day):)

Posted by Agata Aleksandra Zaremba on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Anyways, it makes me laugh how happy Roger was during our demo.

Overall an amazing day and great to see so many people with dogs. Great to see that not only Roger recognised people but he was recognised by them too. I am so lucky to have this boy and I am glad he was happy to show around how happy he is with me, with us <3

Note: Photos courtesy of Barking Cat Photography. More photos you can find here:https://barkingcatpetphotography.com/edch-paws-at-the-prom-2018/