New trails and new places

Weekends are made to have fun right? I always try to plan something fun for me and dogs. This weekend it was all about discovering new trails.

Carberry Country Estate

One of the great Castle Mansion Houses of Scotland, Carberry Tower is a multi-award winning, luxury 4 star Castle hotel with an award-winning Bistro, situated just outside Edinburgh in beautiful East Lothian countryside. Standing regally in 35 acres of stunning, private Estate parkland and widely recognised as Edinburgh’s ‘Castle in the country,’ Carberry Tower is a place of intimate grandeur and to arrive here, is to weave your own story into a history that goes back to 1480 when our first foundation stone was laid.

The estate itself is surprisingly hilly, so my long run turned into a tough work. It is mainly arranged for mountain bikers but we had a lot of fun running around.

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History lessons!

There is a lot of history on this estate: “In the 13th century, the lands were owned by John de Crebarrie from whose name the estate probably derives its title. The lands were at one time Crown property and later passed to Dunfermline Abbey. In 1541 the Abbey authorities leased them to Hugh Rigg who built or enlarged the Tower.

By 1587 the church lands were annexed to the Crown and the superiors became the Maitlands of Lauderdale. The Rigg families continued to lease Carberry until 1659 when it was passed to Sir Adam Blair. In 1689 it passed to Sir Robert Dickson of Inveresk who sold it to John Fullerton whose niece Elizabeth married in 1774 the Hon Wm Elphinstone, third son of the 10th Baron, whose son succeeded to the title.

Image may contain: tree, sky, grass, plant, cloud, outdoor and natureThe Elphinstones held Carberry from 1801-1961. Alterations and additions were made to the old Tower from c.1830. The 15th Baron succeeded in 1861 and was involved in political and court life. The park layout was entirely redesigned during his time and the arboretum started. His son, Sydney Herbert, the 16th Baron Elphinstone, married Lady Mary Bowes Lyon in 1910 and they carried out further improvements to the Tower and particularly to the grounds. The formal gardens to the south of the tower were laid out in 1911 and they added to the specimen trees and shrubs in the parks.

The 16th Lord Elphinstone died in 1955 and Lady Elphinstone died in 1961 when the Tower and part of the estate were gifted by the family to the Church of Scotland.” The information was taken from the Historic Scotland page.

Redwood Meadows Dog Activity Park

I was looking for a fenced place where I can let Laferra off lead during her “heat”. A friend recommended me this place. Lovely and very friendly owner welcomed us and showed us around.

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Unfortunately it was raining when we were there, but dogs still had so much fun. The park has a lot of different things that the dogs can sniff, walk on and discover. Laferra as usual was doing her own thing, but Mr Rogerowski was loving everything about it and of course that I had treats to make him do things.

Such a great place and so muh fun for dogs and me😊😂🙊

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Why am I so motivated to start my day so early in the morning?

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As you may know, I am not a big fan of running and in past, I really used to hate it. However recently things changed and I am more into it, even train every day. A few folks asked me how do I do it that I am so motivated to wake up early and just go out there in the dark and do my training. So here are my thoughts on that:

Why early morning

I am an individual that likes to be on her own, a lot of people make me tired 🙂 Recently also a lot of people started asking me how I trained my dogs that they are so well behaved. During training I don’t have time for chatting, I like to go out there and smash my training in 30min! Early morning it is usually me and the dogs, which means I can totally focus on training and don’t need to shout after Laferra to not approach other dogs and of course no people keen for chat. Easy life for everyone: I can run, dogs can run!

Stunning morning

Usually, in the morning I can see the sunrise, which in Scotland is just stunning.

Food fuel

In the morning I can also feel I can go quickly do the training without worrying about food, I can just fuel my body straight after the run and during the day at work. I am always worried to get a stitch if I run after work due to that when I finish work I am hungry for light dinner already. The only minus of this is that if you work hard (most of the time for me) you will get a headache after a good training session and you feel like you can eat the whole fridge 😀

Consistent morning and increases discipline

I am always up early in the morning even at the weekends, so keeping the consistency in waking up makes it easy for the whole week. Also, it means training is done and nothing interrupted it as it the is always the same time. If I decided to do it in the afternoon, my workout time frequently ends up at the bottom of my to-do list and by day’s end, I might not even do it. So I rather hit the trails first thing in the morning and I am able to enjoy it and be fully focused on training. This also means I have a free evening and can spend it on catching up on tv shows or reading books.


I have noticed that morning start helps keep metabolism elevated for hours. Why not get your engines running as soon as possible- the earliest the better hehe?! In this way, my increased metabolism will be working — and burning more calories — while I am, instead of when my body is at rest. If you are like many people who sit at a desk all day, you know that this is reason enough to train in the morning.

Clears your mind

We all know that training really helps clear our head and put us in a healthy mindset. According to literature training before your day officially begins allows you to start each day with a fresh perspective as you destroy the stresses of the previous day with a run on the trails. It would help you to decrease the chance to become stressed or upset during the day. Of course, it also depends on individuals but it defo works for me.

Energy for the day

Early morning… yes it is hard to move from nice and cozy bed when it rains outside. The weather and accumulated fatigue can make you feel a bit lazy, however, if I go out and do the training first thing in the morning I am buzzing for the day. Doing so will release endorphins and other hormones to give you a much-appreciated boost that often lasts all day. In other words, it’ll give you the required energy to work all day and party all night if you desire.

 Sleep better and increase mental awareness

I have noticed that I feel more alert and ready to take on whatever challenge or curveball life throws my way after a good workout. I am ready for the day. As my body learns the pattern I started to sleep very well too. My sleeping patterns are consistent and I feel like I am resting/recovering much better and quicker.

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So stay focused and disciplined yourself! Get your “ass” out of bed early morning and enjoy the rest of the day. Happy training.




Rest, injury and back on track


It seems that we will take a rest a month before race season starts due to my tiny injury. I presume it is for the best to rest and it gives me time to catch up with my favourite tv shows. At the same time, dogs are loving their lazy life. I have never thought I will ever think that I feel really bored and I can’t wait to go running and riding my bike. I used to just play volleyball and be lazy, now the more is happening the better. Last few days I have been trying to go to the sea so the dogs could run and I could swim, but it has been raining every time (morning and evening that I wanted to go). So tonight is my last try. Yes, I hate being potato coach, even tho that I watched few seasons of tv shows already. Maybe I will stand on my kick bike scooter and make the dogs train hard. Well someone from our team needs to be strong for start of the season. Haha


I also never thought that buying a bike is so difficult. I spend hours to search for that one bike that would tick all the boxes. Really?! And well guess? I am still searching. Hah

My Kona is doing great, but time for an upgrade so I can enter some races. I know like I don’t do enough races with dogs.

Time off

How to deal with hyper crazy dogs when you are limited within moving around? Continue reading and learn what we do with Roger and Laferra during my injury.


So as I am injured and need to rest I thought I will focus in this post how to make your dogs entertainment if you are really limited due to rain or actual injury/illness. I like to work with my dogs on their behaviour. Roger is very well trained with tricks as we attended few classes for dogs. However, it is challenging to train two dogs as both of them are trying to do it at the same time (and most of the time wrong). I have decided to use Laferra to practise Roger’s agility skills. What do we do? Laferra sits and wait and Roger uses her as a wing and turns around her whatever side I tell him. She gets treats for staying and he gets treats after each run if a good side. Both dogs are stimulated and it is quite challenging to multitask with treats. Two happy dogs at the same time.


Sit and wait is one of my favourites, however, I also like touch hand. Roger managed to master this, where princess Laferra is still a bit confused so she touches and then gives me paw, which is sweet. Touch hand skill comes very handy, when you want your dog to focus on you or check his focus for example for agility (as I learnt recently). Roger likes to cry when he stands and does nothing, so this comes very handy.  It is great to still make one of the dog sit and wait and another one to touch hand.



I have tried my dogs to work together and make synchronise sit and lie down.

I must admit this one doesn’t really work well most of the time, but I am not giving up. Make sure you have treats in each hand for each dog and show them at the same time. If lie down is too hard for them (they do have those bad days). We do sit and give me paw, which Lafie mastered so much that she gives me paw without me asking for it, as she thinks she will get a treat.


You may question that it is all about treats, not toys. Both of my dogs are food orientated and slim, so I know many treats will work well and won’t affect their weight. However, sometimes I use toys at home, to teach dogs to leave, drop it or bring it to me. Recently Lafie discovered that fetching toys is amazing as Roger chases her and she gets a lot of cuddles and strokes from me. As a limit of space in the house, I let them play tug game and leave it when I want to. Hide and seek- search for the ball and bring it is another great game. Dogs need to stay and I hide balls.



The only one toy I used for them is wobble ball dog toy. I was lucky as I got it on sale for less than 10 GBP. Easy to clean and dishwasher allowed. I thought it will make a lot of noise banging off the doors and walls, but surprisingly it is nice and quiet. Not that easy to take the treats out, dogs really need to move it around. Defo one of my favourite pretty looking toy.



Back on track

Luckily for me, my pulled muscle recovered after 7 days of rest. I never thought that these 7 days will be so frustrating. I just wanted to go out. Finally!

Saturday lovely 1-1 with Lindsay from Cani-fit with Laferra to work on focus and strength. A lot of work for us. Time to raise the game and tell my dogs what I expect from them. No more fluffing around?!

On Sunday, I have decided to train both dogs as the temperatures are spot on. I chose a safe option for my leg and did kick bike scooter with Roger. We had so much fun and he pulled well. Then off for a cani-fit class with Laferra to work on our homework. Both dogs did not bad. My leg is much better, so back to training, smart training. It is less than a month until our first race, lets the fun begin.


We were back to Holyrood Park. This place is in heart of Edinburgh and every time I am there, it really surprises me how wild it is. Nice walk up the hill in the evening. I love this place.

Nice views are definitely worth hiking to the top, however, just half way through you can see as much as on top. Surprisingly there are a lot of scents for the dogs, I presume Laferra loved the bunnies.


This week post not much about places to visit! But I hope you enjoyed reading. Happy Tuesday. I have already planned few trips for next week so keep your eyes on next post.