Paws by the Prom at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

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On Sunday the 2nd September Roger, Laferra and I attended the Paws by the Prom held at the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home. This is the place that Roger was waiting for his forever home for sometime. It looked like a lovely day so I knew it will be fun. The aim of this event was for EDCH to have Open Day to promote their pets for re-homing but also bring dog lovers together. There were different zones: rehoming, learning, fun, shopping, refuelling and kennels tours.

So the stalls were all so interested and there were so many:

Agria Pet Insurance
Dog Furiendly
Three Sisters
The Dog Edit
Miss D’s Cakes
Dog Play Centre
Auld Connection
Truly treasured originals
Bonnie Burrito’s Hot Sauce
Bug Bakes
Nic Gannucci
Bark and Hare
K9 Clean Coats
Face Painting
Crafty Kit Company
St Luca
Fife Beachcombers
Mr Donut Man
The Caravan of Courage
Prague Shack
Bonnie Burrito
Sly Fox Foods

Roger at EDCH

I was a bit anxious about us attending this event as the EDCH was Roger’s home before when someone didnt want him or I should say he was waiting for his forever home. I was worried that he will be worried that he will be left again. What a surprise that boy was.

We passed reception and Roger couldn’t stop wagging his tail, I was like: oh wow he is excited. Then I knew he recognised one of the girls who looked after him. One happy boy jumping around and smiling.

He knew where to go and was pullying us inside, sniffing everything around and being excited. Oh, another person who he recognised. Overall one happy dog, wagging tails around and looking into my eyes. Like he wanted to say mum this is fun or maybe just I love you mum.

Open day

So we went directly to the field, where everything was happening. There were a lot of stalls and things for everyone. I have decided to sign those two for “handsome boy” and “prettiest girl” competitions. I thought Roger might rock this one as a former EDCH resident (oops I was wrong!). Yes, Laferra won 3rd place for “prettiest girl” and as always she stole the glory.

Since we were planning to attend there and our first canicross club asked me to help them with canicross demo, I thought this will be brilliant: ex-resident Roger promoting what we both love a lot. I thought we did well but watching the video back, I think we were a bit like a clowns! Here you can watch it and judge yourself:

So Roger was a bit of superstar today too🙊🤔😂Roger was actually a muppet during presentation and I kind of talked nonsense (it was stressful) 😂😂But great day promoting the sport for rescues at Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home Paws by the Prom (Open Day):)

Posted by Agata Aleksandra Zaremba on Sunday, September 2, 2018

Anyways, it makes me laugh how happy Roger was during our demo.

Overall an amazing day and great to see so many people with dogs. Great to see that not only Roger recognised people but he was recognised by them too. I am so lucky to have this boy and I am glad he was happy to show around how happy he is with me, with us <3

Note: Photos courtesy of Barking Cat Photography. More photos you can find here:


Dog walker or home boarding? Why do I feel like I want to become a stalker!

Do you feel sometimes like you wish to stalk your dog walker?! Unfortunately, my trust towards people that I pay a lot of money to look after has been broken some time ago. Since then I have a very low level of trust to folks when they look after my dogs. Ok. I know strange as I have a dog walker and home Home boarding while I am away, but….


Let’s me start from the beginning. To make myself a bit calmer and more secure, before signing any contracts I do a detailed research but also interview with the person, if they are really capable of looking after my two dogs. I am also honest with them, that my trust was broken before and this is very hard for me.

Another important factor for me is what Roger thinks and shows me. The longer I have him the longer I believe he is right about people. I know funny right, but seriously if Roger likes someone it always ends as being a good person. He also proved to me that not liking someone was right, as I ended up realizing it wasn’t best of choice. Yes, Roger is the main factor when I choose people to look after them, Laferra will just follow him.

The Dogwalker

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When the dog walker walked into my flat… I knew straight away Roger loves Kris, I didn’t even properly introduce us to Kris and Roger started bringing him toys and everything what possible so he would notice him and totally focus on him rather than have a chat with me. That time Laferra was still too young for joining the group walks.

It has been a year now that Kris is walking dogs! I am super happy and love getting updates on how they were today. I am happy!

Home Boarding

Home boarding…. Another tough decision and I have been unlucky. It took me some time to finally find somewhere to be their second home. So this is how we chose it or Roger did. Roger is taught to bring balls to me, not to strangers. Walking around playing the ball and chatting with boarders I could see Roger looks towards me for assurance. I allow him to play ball with them. He chose Jenni. Happy boy.

I know silly right, but I trust Roger, in both cases if he is happy. Later on, we chatted, we talked and I told everything that I would expect from them. I like to keep my dogs routine with walks, meals and so on. Yes, all good for home boarding. Next questions is about the house where they will have access, are they allowed on the sofa, where they will be fed. Unfortunately, I have a bad experience when Laferra, as she was separated daycare are for feeding… why?! No idea, but she came back home and didn’t want to eat and showed signs of stress during meal. I found out later on that place was separating them almost like to crate for feeding, which in case of Laferra was the worst scenario as she doesn’t like crate at all.


On the other side, recently I discovered that dog walker and home boarding is very important with your trust, but also the vet. Yes, you go to the vet with your dog, however recently I needed to leave Roger for few hours there for some tests. I was nervous as I know how much stress it would bring to Roger. I got brilliant reassurance from the vet, as he talked me through what will happen to Roger and afterward how great he is as they spent time with him. I have never been so excited to go there and pick him up. He was a very sleepy boy who just wanted to cuddle in. Laferra was super excited to see him.


Questions to ask

So here are a couple of questions to ask anyone who you leave your dog with (my dear friend shared them with me some time ago):

  • Are they insured? For how many dogs? What are the terms of the policy regarding injury to your dog while in their care? Who pays vet bill? Are they covered for public liability should your dog be involved in an incident?
  • Are they registered with their local council’s dog walkers scheme? While many of these are voluntary codes of conduct, a responsible dog walker will adhere to these regulations.
  • Do they have Scottish Disclosure? A dog walker will usually have keys to your house and be alone while there. It is important you know you can trust them. Will you be able to meet them while they are out walking dogs to see how they operate and interact with their dogs?
  • What type of transport they use for their work…Ideally, dogs should have separate cages which are securely fixed. Failing that, if the dogs are transported in a car, each dog should be “harnessed” in on a seat belt or other acceptable way to ensure a dog’s safety. It is NOT acceptable to secure a dog by a collar…and it is extremely dangerous to have dogs loose in a car or van.
  • How long are dogs in the van? Is it ventilated? Heated for winter?
  • How long do they walk for? If your dog walker says they get an hr, then they should have that hour out of the van and actually be walking.
  • What would they do in an emergency?
  • Are they First Aid certified?
  • Do they know how to break up a dog fight..and more importantly, do they know how to avoid getting dogs into these situations?
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ask them about their experience with dogs. While many dog walkers have vast experience and know-how, the ease with which anyone can become a dog walker makes it a precarious business trying to find a good one.
  • Do they reward dogs for good behavior (treats, praise, playing with them) This is the ideal
  • Are they able to walk your dog on his own until he is ready to join a group?
  • Are they totally aware of canine body language?

Important! Watch your dog

WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN YOUR DOG GOES OUT WITH HIS WALKER Your dog should be relaxed and eager to go out on his walk. If he is reluctant, hides, shows signs of distress he is obviously not happy about going out with the walker. On return, he should be happy and relaxed. If your dog comes back and looks stressed, overly tired or shows any deterioration in his behavior, check what is happening on walks Is he being bullied by the other dogs? Is he okay in transit? Has your dog walker taken the time to integrate him with her group and get him used to the transport?


A good dog walker/Home boarding is worth their weight in gold.

Holiday mood

As you can see per title I am in the holiday mood as I am just going for business trip and going away again middle this week. I always plan my holidays including taking the dogs. It is very rare that I don’t take them. Let’s talk about where to leave your dog.


If I leave them the big chance is that I am away with my work for the business trip. It is hard to leave those two behind, but no option. So I thought this week post will be a bit more about how did I choose where those two are staying when I am away. I have the best solution for Roger, as he goes to his previous owners and just has his usual routine with his dog walker.

What to look at.

So when you leave your dog you, of course, want that he or she will enjoy their time. Here’s a list that I used for my two:

  • What will be their daily routine?
  • Where will they sleep?
  • How many walks?
  • Where will they be fed?
  • What walks they will be on?
  • Any stimulations (livestock, play games)
  • How many other dogs will be there?
  • Will my dog run off lead?
  • Who will look after my dogs?
  • Does my dog like them and is friendly with them during initial meeting?
  • Who covers vet bill if something happens to my dog?
  • Do they have a licence?
  • How secure is accommodation and playground area?

That is just a few points that helped me to choose the right place for each dog. My two are totally different, so I looked for different things.


  • Lafie loves other dogs.
  • Loves running off the lead.
  • Human cuddles are acceptable.
  • Not a big fan of kennels/crate.
  • Fine to be fed with other dogs at the same time.
  • She loves livestock, but she wouldn’t chase anything. Being friend with everyone is her motto.
  • Very good with a recall in any place.
  • She keeps checking on a person that she walks with.
  • Trained recall with a whistle.



  • Not a big fan of big groups of dogs.
  • As a cross border collie, he likes to be police or referee when other dogs play.
  • Obsessed with the ball.
  • Crazy obsession with livestock.
  • Obsessive barking when seeing livestock.
  • Not good off lead apart from the beach.
  • Fine to be fed with others in same place or time.
  • Getting stressed when overstimulated.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Loves his treats.
  • Getting rid of energy is one, but he also needs the stimulation of his tiny brain.

Totally two different dogs to search for one home boarding.

Home boarding

So apart from thinking about my dogs needs, I also checked additional things as mentioned before:

  • License.
  • Bill vets if an injury occurs.
  • How much experience working with dogs has the person who will look after them.
  • What vaccination my dogs need to have to be able to attend.
  • Drop off and pick up times.
  • Any updates on what my dog has been up to?
  • What is the notice to book the dog in?


So I have perfect places for my dogs to stay and daily updates with photos and videos what they have been up to. It makes me stress less and I can enjoy my time away from them if it is for holiday or business trip. Eventually, you want to relax or focus on your job.

Good luck in finding the right place for your furry friend and happy holidays. A Happy business trip to me.