Race weekend

Last few days were so busy for our team. Keep reading if you want to find out what went wrong.


I felt very positive and optimistic for our race weekend after our last training on Wednesday. Luckily for us this weekend we didn’t need to camp, so I thought dogs will be well rested. A lot of hydration prior for myself and the dogs, and there we were off to Ayrshire for another adventure.

Boswell Coach House

An amazing place in a heart of  Auchinleck Estate in Ayrshire. Last year course was tough, it really made me tired mentally so I thought I was prepared. This year course has been changed so we all were exciting. As it rained a lot before, the course looked very muddy and challenging at some points.

Bikejor with Rogerowski

All the pre-race preparation done in 45 minutes, Roger was so excited and barking around. Normally he is quiet and calm, just sniffing around. I was thinking that must be the cattles (or cows ;)) that make him so excited.

And we are off. Amazing run from Roger to start as it was very speedy. Eventually, we got to very muddy bits in the fields, but oh gosh that boy has such a big heart for the sport, he pulls me out of those paddles. What an amazing boy, he hates mud and he was almost swimming in it! That must have been hard work for him. As we approaching next bit- a water cross I can see Roger breaking. I thought he will be fine as we have practised it. Jumped off the bike and picked him up… Oh man! I am wet up to my hips, no wonder he didn’t want to go in. What a clever boy (he can’t swim).

Well 2nd cross I didn’t even try and just picked him up straight away. hard work to cross the water with dog and bike at the same time. We off again, he is trying harder than ever. No matter what he just wants to run. Amazing. I was buzzing after it, but I knew canicross will be challenging and tough.

Canicross with Laferra

Our race with golden girl didn’t go according to plan. So I am not going to plan it ever again. I thought I am doing all the right things with Laferra, but it turned out that she wasn’t really ready for doing overtaking and keep going or people making noise behind us (example: cheering their dog). All that training that we do just on our own is great, but she isn’t used to the noise. Unfortunately after great 1.5miles, she got spooked in both days, I tried to restart her but it didn’t work. The first day we finished, the second day I didn’t even bother. I feel super disappointed that I didn’t prepare my girl for all this. So we know have 6 weeks to prepare Laferra for noise around us running and making her confident to overtake and keep up the pace.

We have 6 weeks to make sure she is confident running 4.5km and loves the noise around us. Training began on Monday and so far she isn’t doing badly. She is young and learning fast, we need to keep her keen and happy. Next 6 weeks will be tough work: parkruns, pubs and other events where is loud and noisy. Looking forward to all that.


I got home with few tears in my eyes, I felt I didn’t prepare my girl for life, not the sport but for life. She was terrified. I have never thought that I am not doing it right, but after longer thinking, I have made a conclusion. Fine, I walk Laferra without Roger at races and around. She loves saying hi to dogs and people she knows, but she wasn’t confident at the race at all. I also think the time to get her more out and do some obedience work during the day with a busy city. I will take advantage that I live in the city centre and walk with only her around bus stops, shopping centres and have a coffee in dog-friendly places.

Everyday work hopefully will make her confident in our usual daily routine. Hopefully, this simple exercise without Roger will make her fearless and happy pup.

Wish us luck and a lot of fun.

Happy Friday Folks.

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