Reviews reviews!

I normally don’t do reviews and that is not a plan here! But I really wanted to share with you those three products/services.

Scruff Muffin

Scruff Muffins provides products for dogs. I had an opportunity to try their collars and blankets for dogs. Amazing, that is my word to describe it. Apart from that, you can choose any style you want but also Scruff Muffin owner likes challenges and new ideas. Also to mention collars come in different sizes.

Laferra loves blankets so much that she brings them all to one place and makes her nest.



Our canicross, bikejor and scooter club. They provide training for you and your dog. I started attending to cani-fit class with Roger, as I enjoyed it a lot. Cani-fit showed me that this could be even more fun. They helped me to find the right harness for myself and Roger. They introduced us to different sports than just running too. Also they encouraged us to try but also to compete and race. If you ever wonder what is it like, go on the website and book yourself on a class. Cani-fit is for everyone.

Laferra’s training– how to introduce a new dog to the sport:

“My dog doesn’t canicross”… ” my dog doesn’t want to run in front”.. – I thought all that about Laferra… So I have decided to do proper training with her, and learn from the best canifit. So we did canihiking, where canifit leader talked and showed us how to do things. We had a lot homework to do… I was worried but every time Laferra just amazes me… When she turned 11 months we started going to canicross canifit class, it helped my dog to get some confidence to even lead a group at only 11 months. She started to be focused and enjoyed canicross even more.

Fitline Scotland

Fitline provides products which help me to achieve goals that I wasn’t able to do even I trained every day. I am very sceptic about supplements, so I have never really tried. It has been 3 weeks now that I take few products from Fitline and I can see how my body changes, recover and perform. I have tried: Activize Oxyplus, Restorante Citrus, Omega Q10, Proshape and Fitness drink. After chat with a friend this morning, I have realised how much it helped me and how much more energy I have now.